Tube ice is a 40g barrel of ice with excellent cooling capabilities. This is the ice you want for longer lasting cooling. It is our main product which is produced in bulk. Perfect for large cooling requirements, small cooler boxes or anything in between.

Crushed Ice

Our crushed ice is made to order to ensure less clumps and is available in 3 and 10kg bags. Perfect for cocktails, mocktails, iced coffees, smoothies and display.

Ice Blocks

Our ice blocks are compressed into approximately 6kg blocks that are a little bigger than a big shoe box.


Cubes are small dice type ice. This type doesn't last long in drinks but does fit in smaller glasses and is kinder to blender blades.

Sphere Ice

A stunning ball of solid ice moulded with a small dimple in the centre. Perfect for your whiskey tumbler or larger copas for the best gin experience.


We have chest freezers available for sale or hire, as well as freezer boxes with no internal workings, used as a large cooler box.

How To Order

Orders can be placed online via our shop, called in directly, sms'd, WhatsApp'd, emailed, given to the driver on delivery, direct to your rep, and soon via the app.


What You Need To Know About How We Operate

Route Based Delivery

We need to plan vehicles, drivers and stock in advance. Kindly note that all orders need to be placed at least a day in advance. This can be done by phone call, sms, email or whatsapp.

Standing Orders

Standing orders can be set up however should you not require your order to be delivered on a certain occasion and your order is not cancelled the day before, you will be charged a handling fee.

Extra Delivery Fee

Orders requiring same day delivery may be charged an extra fee.

Specifically time based orders will also incur a delivery fee.

Should you require more than one delivery per day you may be charged an additional stock / delivery fee.

Minimum Orders

Minimum orders for delivery applies, please enquire with sales.